A Rhythm of Rants

Well, I sort of almost made it to a post a day, only two hours behind.

You ever experience vertigo before? I experienced it for the first time today…it started around 4am and started to notice things move that weren’t moving. At first, and in all seriousness, I thought I had officially cracked…and went completely crazy.

I’m not even kidding, I started googling mental disorders associated with seeing things.

Well, it wasn’t until I stood up that it dawned on me….because I immediately fell over. I started laughing and just thought I was a clumsy ditz. Stood up again, walked a few feet….and NO lie ,fell again!!!

I felt like a salmon trying to swim up stream…but not a stream, more a dirty pathway…and not a salmon, more a beached whale.

Picture that…;-)

I had something fascinating to talk about regarding rhythm, but I’m tired.


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