Feel as Fine as a Frog’s Hair

Today was the day….after more than 60 hours of writing, editing, re-writing, and more editing…I submitted my curriculum vita and cover letter for a particular job at a certain college somewhere on the East Coast.

Yes, I’m still being secretive about it. I think that might be best until there is something absolutely concrete. It’s not really a big secret, I just happen to know how competitive this job market is and people get a little weird about things. Especially considering my entire experience with applying for this job.

I had four different professors from four different colleges contacted both the head of the department and the chair of the search committee. I had briefly written an email to the person that’s chairing the committee to thank that person. I have never gotten an email response so quick before.

I’m trying not to read into it too much, as I often have done in the past. Even when I try to dispute the positive signs, I still feel really good about it.

On to a less narcissistic topic… it’s sort of funny, but interesting, that after spend a considerable amount of time over the past few weeks constantly writing…that once I’ve completed my project, all I want to do is write. It’s like a drug.

Unfortunately, for me, my writing isn’t always that good…so it’s really like doing a hardcore drug that just screws up your life.

Remember, crack is whack.

ADHD, really need to get that under control.

The exciting part about wanting to write, and sort of having the time to do it, I can finally start EFFECTIVELY researching material to write about. Look, I know as well as the next person that vomit of the mouth is fun for a short time, but only gets you but so far. So I’m going to try and approach my writing in two different ways. Every night or day, I will write some haphazard blog about nothing, full of run-on sentences, and fragments ..and twice a week, I will submit two articles I’ve researched on….my eyes may be bigger than my stomach here….Yeah, I guess it’s okay to be ambitious.

My ambitious list of things I’m planning on writing soon:

  • Approach to articulation (only because this professor somewhere recently wrote and article that I plan on disputing, point by point)
  • Higher Education and the Arts – The credibility crisis of the D.M.A. (Doctorate of Musical Arts)
  • Ready to start your own studio? The critical points everyone should know in developing a studio and effective methods of recruitment (just didn’t a lecture on this)
  • Fundamentals of the Embouchure; Taking the myth out of the mystery.

There are a bunch more, but my hand is starting to get tired from typing.

Remember: Live, Breathe, and Play.


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