Idealistic or Realistic?

While talking to someone about my teaching and music philosophy today, I was told that I had really great “idealistic” goals.


I make sure that each and every one of my students has the tools and skills to succeed in this dog-eat-dog music community  I teach the artistry of music, I do not teach my students how to simply win an audition…which frankly, is illogical to me. If you are a good enough player, are dedicated, and develop the skills you need, then you will win an audition….I just can’t do it, it’s just not realistic.

I parallel my teaching with the demands of the society and culture we live in. I want my students to have REAL LIFE experiences, I refuse to BS them, or shove things under the carpet.

How that is idealistic, I don’t know. That to me, is something EVERY teacher should be teaching. Lets be real honest for a moment…lets talk about the elephant in the room. There is more to music than playing in an orchestra…WAY more. How teachers feel justified in only giving their students one set of playing skills, and not the rest, is way beyond my understanding.

Teaching for some is an auxiliary job, not a primary source of income. I wonder how much of that rubs off in their teaching…to those students, it’s not auxiliary.

We can either teach to the main stream academia or we can actually teach our students how to be musicians, total musicians. It’s an inclusive deal…not exclusive.

I feel like I’m fighting an up hill battle sometimes. 


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