After playing these really cool little ditties at a friends recital today, I sat in the audience and listened. It was a fantastic recital, emotionally riveting, and sonically pleasing.

The piece we played, by the way, was called Suite Cantando by Bill Douglas for clarinet bassoon, and piano – very very cool piece, lots of jazz influences from bebop to samba. Definitely a crowd pleaser.

While I was listening to the performance, i actually allowed myself to escape from the moment and sort of go into my thoughts.

No…I wasn’t zoning out (double negative), I was allowing the music to simply transport me wherever it wanted. So I sat there and just let any thought come in to my mind and then expand upon those different thoughts.

Very hippy-like if I do say so myself.

Back to the story.

So the first thing I think of is…”man it’s really tough to play an unaccompanied work.”

Allow me to explain:

Yes, it’s a part of what we do as performers, going on stage and exposing ourselves emotionally. Not a really big deal. what is difficult though, is the ability to change your mental and emotional focus. I know I need at least a few minutes of transition time. Sometimes, I think more work needs to go in to developing the character of the piece, the choreography, the physical movements, the mind set, the emotion you wish to capture.

Hmm…Food for thought.


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