For the Love of Music

I play a fair amount of gigs, enough that it pays the bills. Many gigs, as I’m sure some have experienced, can be a hair-pulling event…the group is comprised of so-and-so’s sister who played flute in middle school and the guitar player is a hobbyist that suffers from memory loss.

Too often I play these less than gratifying gigs but always manage to find something in the performance that makes it worth while. Something that reminds me why I love what I do.

Usually it’s the response from the audience.

All the gigs I’ve played, even the really awful ones, the audience has loved it and been very gracious. That, in my emotional artsy way, really touches my heart because, well, that’s was music is supposed to do…even if it’s not an amazing performance you can always find someone that was touched by it.

Every now and then I play a gig with a mixed group of musicians from a variety of different backgrounds and skills, where it’s both personally and musically gratifying to me.

Had one of those tonight. The director was really an outstanding musician and everyone there, from the professional to student musicians, loved what they were doing.

That makes all the difference…that spirit, energy, and vibe.

I love it! Those moments continually remind me that playing music is really a gift.

As always:

Listen, love, breathe, and make music!


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