My Place of Sanity, or Thereabouts

At this point, you’re here…so, pull up a chair, grab a beer and relax. You’re in for a bit of a ride.

This is my virtual escape from reality. I’m a doctoral clarinetist at University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. I am the Clarinet Studio Graduate Assistant for all four studios, teach elective and secondary clarinet players, various administrative duties and logistics, and take lessons! On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I travel up to West Chester Academy of Music and Dance to teach little kiddies the beauty of music.

Apparently music doesn’t keep me busy enough, so I decided to pursue a minor in Arts Administration. Through those fantastic channels, I was the Festival Coordinator as well as the instrumental and chamber director for CCM Spoleto and lived in Italy for the past two years.

And then every Thursday – Saturday night, I impersonate someone who enjoys listening to rich people problems (first-world-problems) as a server at a fine dining restaurant here in Cincinnati.

I like music. I like the clarinet. A lot. I’ve been teaching close to ten years now, four of which have been at the collegiate level. Education is important to me, especially as a performer. It weirds me out when performers refuse to teach…or at least try…

Anyways…you’ll find a variety of things here…some really wonderful articles and some REALLY bad articles. You’ll find posts about food, wine, clarinet, music, pop music, you name it. Some will be really emotionally charged….some will be a rant of death. Who knows…it’s like a pot luck dinner, you’re never really certain WHAT you’re gonna get. You could end up with 40 bags of potato chips and one casserole and a 2 liter of diet pepsi.

Well, you’ll probably find a lot here on music and the clarinet. Just be warned that you might also find somethings that are a little edgy, censorship is not something I know really well, but am learning.

So stick around, read a little, check out some links, make comments, tell me a story!

And, as always: Live, love, laugh, and make music.

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