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Well, here we are folks…the “final” year of my doctorate. The end of my professional career as a college student.

The year entails many exciting (and stressful) events and adventures. Numerous recording projects coming up. I’ll be making an album of clarinet trios including the Brahms and Beethoven. There is one new work that is currently in the final stages of composition.

The second album will be a collection of new works for clarinet. It’s in conjunction with some up and coming composers.

Later this Fall I have been invited to give a couple masterclasses. Which I’m looking forward to!

There’s a possibility that I may have signed too many contracts for solo performances this Fall…and likely will be going PSYCHO by the end of December. It’d be one thing to repeat rep, but most are different works every single time. Oy!

Livin’ the life!

I’m slowly working on my calendar, as soon as its up I will be posting it here!

Exciting time!

Off to practice.

Remember: Breathe, Listen, and Make Music!

My Bee is Busier Than YOUR Bee

uzzzz. That’s what I want to say as I meander around town weaving in and out of crowds.

I feel like a little bee – a buzzing busy bee. I like it. I’m pollinating.

This week is jam-packed with some really wonderful concerts, recitals, and performances! Peter’s Recital is tomorrow evening and should be a really wonderful event! A rock star with rock star compatriots!

And we, of course, can’t forget about the upcoming concert:nova events! A delectable experience at MCI and another at Via Vite. If you’re planning on going – get tickets AHEAD OF TIME and online at the concert:nova website. They’re $50 dollars online and $75 at the door – don’t miss out on this great discount.

It’s a little more than the usual concert:nova ticket prices, but you’re not only getting an amazing aural and visual experience, you’re getting a fine dining experience too and at a fraction of the fine dinning price! Seriously!

When I was working in upscale restaurants, this sort of premiere and custom cuisine would go for hundreds of dollars per person. And we’re only paying 50 bucks for a concert AND amazing food?!?

Sheesh, I couldn’t imagine who WOULDN’T want to be going to this.

Alas, I understand being a poor student – but if you can afford it, definitely go, it’ll be worth EVERY dime.

More articles coming out this week – a wonderful piece on Naomi Lewin will hopefully be up by tomorrow post some necessary changes from my editors.

And – hopefully – by the end of this week, I’ll have finished my final piece on another soloists. But I’m going to keep that sort of hush-hush for now. I want it to be a HUGE surprise!

I’m really actually excited to write about this musician.

And, post my mass of recitals next week – expect to see a slew of reviews posted in (hopefully) my new page on reviews. I literally have a stack of 6 or so that I need to write and publish here.

Well – keep up the music making friends. There is no other time of the year that is as full with amazing performances as spring is…so experience as much as you can…and write as much as you can!!!